230 years of providing garments to the monarchy

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Over the last 230 years Thresher & Glenny Ltd have provided garments of all descriptions to both monarchy and households, from house to head. Their current Royal Warrant is for Shirtmaking, though they currently also provide suits, waistcoats and ties.

Mr Thresher's antecedents set up a stall selling bodices on the frozen River Thames during the Frost Fair that enlivened the Great Freeze of 1683, while the shop in the Strand served the Inns of Court. From 1755 the firm traded at the Sign of the Peacock, next to Somerset House. One hundred years of business is all it took for Thresher & Glenny to receive their first Royal Warrant from King George III in 1783 - and we are incredibly proud to state that we are the oldest establishment in the country to have a continuous string of Royal Warrants as a private trader.

During the company's 330 years of business, they have had the great pleasure of outfitting a great many notables. Lord Nelson would never get his stockings from anywhere other than Thresher & Glenny. On one occasion Nelson called upon Mr Thresher, who hastened to express regret for the loss of the arm, but Nelson cut him short: "Tut tut man; damn lucky for you it wasn't my leg". The British Military and Thresher & Glenny have had a long history of outfitting soldiers from the Crimea, the Indian Mutiny, Ashanti, Egyptian and Boer Wars. Buffalo Bill, several Roosevelts, David Livingstone, Austin Chamberlain, Clement Atlee and the majority of Viceroys of India are among their other notable past clients.

The company will be launching their Limited Edition Coronation tie just before the event. Commemorative Royal ties are a proud tradition at T&G: they were allowed exclusive licence to create one for the Coronation of Her Majesty's father in 1937, for example, based on his racing colours. In honour of this, the 2013 variant features the Queen's own racing colours in a brand new design approved by the Lord Chamberlain's office.

As well as their Limited Edition Coronation tie, they will have will have their famous T&G "Everlasting Shirts" for sale. The stand will also showcase their finest Made-to-Measure Suits. There, they can offer a MTM suit to almost any interested publication given the right exposure.

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